Sweden needs more trash…

This article was originally published at, author Ariel Schwartz …because it has turned all it has got into energy. What happens when a recycling plan is too successful? Sweden does such a good job recycling and turning its waste to… Read More ›

Europe talks shale gas

This article originally appeared on on November 18 2012. Shale gas has helped the US increase its domestic energy supply and reduce its depen­dence on imports. In Europe, the exploitation of shale gas is just starting, and only in some… Read More ›

Green really green?

Is “green energy” really green? A new report published on Monday by Civitas, a social policy thinktank that promotes a “free and democratic society”, is claiming that wind power is “inordinately expensive and ineffective at cutting CO2 emissions”. In a… Read More ›

Standard Climate

"The great Error of our Nature is, not to know where to stop, not to be satisfied with any reasonable Acquirement; not to compound with our Condition; but to lose all we have gained by an insatiable Pursuit after more." Edmund Burke.


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