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Your opportunity to be seen and/or published globally is offering the opportunity to write either guest posts and/or sponsored posts to anyone interested. Presenting videos is also possible.

The goal of is to inform, educate and share new thoughts and solutions to old problems. believes that there are many people out there wanting to share their stories with others, especially stories aimed at both promoting eco-logic development, eco-logic opinions, eco-logic solutions and eco-logic trips.

What is the difference between a Guest Post and a Sponsored Post?

Are you writing a guest post? Remember:

  1. A guest post is free of charge.
  2. You cannot promote your business. No links relating to your site may be contained. Any links contained in the site must be in reference to the content, business or person you are referring to.

Are you writing sponsored post? Remember:

  1. A Sponsored Post promotes your business or product.
  2. A sponsored post can include in-post links to your website or a website you are writing on behalf of, product or social networks.
  3. Please contact directly if you are interested in writing a sponsored post.

You can either write a post or make a film. A few Rules apply:

  1. Write your own, unique text. You’re more than welcome to write on the same topic elsewhere, my hope is that posts that appear on don’t appear in the same form elsewhere.
  2. The content MUST be relevant to the philosophy of (check categories on but innovative posts/films will be considered as well.
  3. If you write a fact-supported post, site the sources your facts came from. That is always nice for everyone involved.
  4. reserves the right to refuse any post.
  5. Style to write in? This is up to you. encourages you to bring your own voice to your post.
  6. One image is required if you write a post. If you make a video, make sure that there are no logos showed. If peoples’ images are involved make sure you have their permission (write if you need image permission form).
  7. Make sure that a single video is no longer then 4 min while series of videos are also welcome.
  8. will review the content of the upcoming post/videos and discuss any potential changes before posting it.
  9. Your post/video will include a byline about the author. Bylines should be a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do. Feel free to include up to two links in it. looks forward to working with you. Please contact me at

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